Best Web Hosting – The Truth That Everyone Should Know

Hi everyone. Today I’m going to share with you my own experience about the truth of “best web hosting” advertisement on the internet that everyone should know, especially the young webmaster. I will tell you the full story of my 5 years in the internet market, being kicked around while looking for a good hosting provider.


The reason I want to make this video is because the web hosting industry is saturated with the huge number of hosting companies and offers on the internet, such as forums, blogs, social media, etc.


If you do a quick search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, you may be flooded with many types of web hosting offers, especially about Cheapest Web Hosting, Best Shared Hosting, Best Web Hosting, or Professional Web Hosting. These offers are usually found on referral (also called affiliate) websites. These websites earn commission for each referral, so one part of your money flow into their pocket.


When I started my first website, I also registered a hosting package from a referral site, and after a year I had to stop hosting with the company, even though that company was advertised as 5 stars quality and 100% customer satisfaction.


The company I am talking about is Web Hosting Hub. When my site got popular, they terminated my 3 year contract (3 dollar per month, on average) and gave me a partial refund. In total, in the first year of hosting with them, I had to pay 8 dollar per month for hosting. That was a pain for me.


Then I move my sites to hostgator. Since I feel my sites are getting popular, so I decided signing up for a reseller account ($25/month), but I had to quit within a few days because their server is too strict and didn’t allow my php script to run longer than 30 seconds. When I canceled the service, they also didn’t return me the hosting fee, as claimed in their ads (I can remember 30 days or 60 days money back guarantee).


At that point of time, I didn’t trust the web hosting advertisement anymore. They all simply want to take easy money from their clients. I felt unhappy.


Luckily, somehow I get to know about Web Hosting Talk forum, where there are hundreds of small hosting companies constantly offering extremely cheap hosting plans. Many of them offer hosting starting from less than a dollar per month, and monthly billing cycle. I didn’t really believe such things exist. I didn’t really trust them in the first place, but since the billing cycle is MONTHLY, I have nothing to lose. I signed up for 2 hosting accounts, one at MNC and one at Multi Stars Hosting, each $2/month. My idea was that if any one suddenly terminates my account, I would have a backup account to use immediately.


Surprisingly, I didn’t have any problem with both Multi Stars and MNC. I expanded my business, purchased more domains , created more website, and both accounts was working normally for about 2 years.


At the end of 2014, I have a new project that needs 100 Gb disk space to store my images. Certainly Multi Stars and MNC couldn’t support my need. Reading some ads on website, Dream Host was the recommended hosting provider, and allow truly unlimited disk space.


I then canceled my accounts with Multi Stars and MNC and migrated my sites to Dream Host. I ordered 6 month contract with them at a discount price of $6/month. After a few days I realized my wordpress sites were way too slow. Static file (images) load fast, but my WP page took like 5-10 seconds to load. I email to ask for support, but they simply said may sites were not well coded. I felt funny because before I moving to Dream Host, the page load was only about 2-3 seconds. I couldn’t do anything because I have already paid, and also because I still need 100 Gb of space.


At the end of the contract with Dream Host, I no longer need the 100Gb storage, and also because the hosting price increased to $11/month, so I didn’t continue hosting with them.


I came back to MNC Hosting, but they no longer offered the cheap hosting plan anymore because their servers were upgraded to SSD disk. From what I read on the internet, there isn’t actually any significant different between SSD and RAID disks, so I went back to Multi Stars and continue hosting with them until now.


So, what is the bottom line of this video?


Through my own experience with the web hosting industry, you should be really careful/cautious about what is written on advertisements and affiliate websites, especially if you are new to this area.


Most of the time, the affiliate websites just posted the information about a hosting company, and rated them as “the best”, or “5 stars”, just because the company pays them, not because of quality reason.


From my experience, sticking with “no-name” web hosting company , such as Multi Stars, MNC Host has been the most fruitful. And I’m very sure there are many other small companies which are very good. But because their hosting plans are very cheap, they wouldn’t have enough money to invest in advertisement.


About this blog post: Recently an unknown happy customer made a popular youtube video about the best web hosting. Since we are one of the company mentioned in the video, we document what he/she say, and publish it in a blog post in our website. We are proud to have such a genuine and kind customer.

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